Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive more than just a statement summarizing amounts billed and amounts collected?

Monthly reporting will provide you with the information you rely on to make executive level decisions. You will quickly see which insurance companies are paying and how much. Depending on the contract you sign you may receive the following information:
Is there information that will assist me in realizing where I stand with Evaluation and Management norms and statistics?

Information is available to you at any time providing a quick visual graphic of where you are on the famous
E&M bell curves. This can be provided at any time. Of course, the information is most valuable with at least a quarter’s worth of data.

Is assistance provided in improving the capture of information to maximize reimbursement?

Our company name Reimbursement Specialists says it all. Every experience noted in the billing process will be returned to you in recommendations for improving all tools toward that very goal.

Can I count on receiving information that will provide assistance in negotiating managed care contracts?

Absolutely! Once you have implemented all recommendations for ensuring accurate record keeping and accuracy in coding you will have created for yourself the foundation for justifying negotiations. We work as a team to create the environment in your office to capture all information that will impact future capitation.

Will explanations be provided to my office staff regarding what can be done to improve all aspects of the revenue cycle?

It is recognized that every individual is vital to a practice’s success. We take the time to review in as detailed a manner required to enlighten your staff on the impact each and every function makes on the bottom line.

Are indivudals working my accounts certified?

All individuals are at a minimum certified coders and some are certified medical auditors reimbursement specialists making them the most capable individuals to handle your accounts.

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